Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Complete Slacker and I'm now 20 Weeks

I've gained total so far 14 lbs. That is more than I gained total in my first pregnancy with my son.
I am finally feeling better and since I'm feeling better I am sooo soo busy trying to catch up on all the things I couldn't do while I was sick. I haven't been keep track of anything I've been eating. I realized that I got out of the habit when I missed a couple days of logging and then it was out the window. I've been trying to be good but I haven't been really good. Although I'm feeling better, I am to the point where all the sudden I NEED to eat or I am going to start throwing up. Since I've been out and about catching up on so many things I find myself running to the nearest fast food place to buy just about anything to solve my problem.
When it comes to craving I'm not doing horrible. I don't have many cravings. This I want to eat all the time are as follows, these things I can always be in the mood to eat.

  • Chili Cheese Dogs
  • Belgium Waffles
  • Any Asian Rice dish (meat, veggies, rice combos)
There are few other things I can stand to eat at any given time. These are all things I wanted to eat all the time while I was pregnant with my son. I don't even like hot dogs. I eat the Belgium Waffles the least of this list but when I do I always use the sugar free syrup (or least that is what I've asked for).
As far as how big my bump is. I didn't get "huge" with my son. In fact I often at the end had people ask when I was due and when I said "any day now" it was obvious they didn't think I looked that far along from their shock and surprise. This time carrying two I am officially larger then I was at delivery time with my son. This scares me on so many levels. All I see in my future is a lot of sleepless nights.