Monday, May 16, 2011


I am so hungry all the time. I want to eat all the time.
This past week I have been in Phoenix visiting my family. They are sugar-chocolate-aholics and there is surgary sweetness everywhere in this house. I have no self control. I think I must have gained 5 pounds in the few days I've been up here. There goes eating healthy. 
I'm 24 weeks now and will need to start eating the diet of the gestational diabetic (GD) any day here. When it comes down to it I need to go home so that I can stop tempting myself with calories we don't need.

By the way at our 3D ultrasound this last week we verified that there are two girls in there. Twin Girls. Oh my what am I going to do.

Friday, May 6, 2011

I am so Hungry

I was NOT this hungry with my son, my first pregnancy. I'm as so hungry. I can eat a whole meal every 2 hours. I have now gained 20 lbs, give or take. I know that isn't necessary. I am only 22 weeks. I have tried constantly snacking- does nothing for my hunger. Now I have been on vacation for the last couple weeks, and when you don't have the ability to make your own food, not that I have the energy to make my own meals, you don't eat as healthy as you should. Starting this week I'm going on my low carb extra low sugar diet. Diet is a bad word, but what else do we call a food regiment. I'm hoping that this will help put off any gestational diabetes (GD) I may be developing. My sister had GD with her first child, and I was super paranoid that I was going to be with my first child also. I was not, but I am now at a great risk this time with twins. Women carrying multiple births are at a higher risk for a lot of things, GD being one of them. So I am going on a diet that for the most part is the diet for GD patients. My midwife believes that all women should eat like they are GD even if they didn't test for it. 1- Tests can be wrong and sometimes damages has already began by the time you're tested for it. 2-She says that it helps you and your baby to gain the "right" type of weight. There may be something to say for this. With my first doing her recommended diet I only gained exactly what I needed to. All of my friends who choose to eat like they were GD also only gained what they needed to from that point on. There is nothing unhealthy about this diet. You eat mostly proteins and veggies, with a few carbs/bread and veggies.
Example of a day:
3 scrambled eggs for breakfast on a slice of toast
Cheese sticks, cottage cheese (low-fat)
Open faced pb&j or deli meat sandwich (one side of bread only)
celery, carrots, green beans
chicken with mixed  veggies for dinner
open faced pb&j for desert made with sugar free jelly
And at least 1 gallon of water daily
The midwife said my goal was to eat as few sugars and carb grams as possible and try to get as close as possible to 90 grams of proteins a day.
It was hard last time, but the best part about making the choice to eat this way instead of being ordered by the doctor is, in that rare instance you want to brake it and eat something really bad for you, you can. Just make sure its not a regular thing. And since you're not on doctor's orders because it could mean serious health issues you don't have to feel as guilty about it. But even when I splurge I try to eat a sugar free dessert.
I am hoping that switching my diet will help me stay on a better weigh gain track than I currently am.
By the way I am huge. I feel like nine months and I'm only 22 weeks. I am already officially larger with these babies than I was with my son. I have no idea how I am going to handle getting bigger than this.