Monday, July 25, 2011

Feeling Good

I am 34 weeks today. I'm feeling really good about how things have been going. These babies are doing good. At the ultra sound a week ago they both measured 4lbs 5oz. Growing beautifully for twins. I've been watching my Gestational Diabetes. 
Typical day:
Low Sugar or Regular/Plain Oatmeal
8oz or less glass of milk
scrambled eggs
cheese stick
pb&j (always made with high fiber whole wheat bread, 1/2, with sugar free jam)
scrambled eggs (if not eaten at breakfast)
Bean Burrito made on Low Carb tortilla
or a chili hot dog (dog cut in half filled with chili cooked with cheese sprinkled on top)
Any of the items on the lunch I didn't eat earlier
1/2 serving of Whole Wheat pasta with sauce and side of veggies
bunless hamburger or black bean burger
Late night-
2 sugar free cookies
or 1 scoop No Sugar Added icecream
or pb&j
In the past two weeks I have gained nothing yet my babies have gained a pound and half each. I know its for no lack of eating enough. I eat though out the day and take my sugar regularly.

Eating out suggestions for diabetics:
Denny's -just about every bread option has a whole wheat option replacement
Taco Bell- stick to hard tacos or beans, or tortillas
Sonic (or any hot dog place)- order just the dog no bun with your toppings, I love chili coneys.
Carls Jr- offers the Low-Carb bunless burger, and a Taco salad

sister caught me off guard and took this, 31 weeks
thanks for dropping by.