Friday, September 9, 2011

Babies born 11Aug2011

Baby A was born at 1:06 and was 5 lbs 7oz
Baby B was born at 1:10 and was 5 lbs 9oz
both excellent weights for being 36 weeks and 2 days.
I had 11 lbs of baby in there. My total weight gain had been 33 lbs. 33-11=22 left over after the babies were out. They are almost a month old now and my weight has evened off. I'm still up 10 lbs.
I guess 10 lbs isn't bad. Many women gain and have to loose much more than that. I'm going to start counting my points with Weight Watchers here any day. I just need to get myself to start.
With my 10 lbs pregnancy weight, plus the 20 lbs I gained before getting pregnant, and then the 10 lbs I still had to go to reach my goal when I "took a break" =40 lbs to loose to get to my ideal weight.
Wish me luck.

By the way being in the hospital really stunk when it came to post pregnancy food. And by the time I was out of the hospital my desire to eat.

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