Monday, January 10, 2011

Sounds make me sick

While you were pregnant did you have any sounds that made you want to throw-up?
It is a rarity, when I'm not pregnant, that a sound makes me feel ill. But I won't say it never happens. But I am actually very sensitive to sounds when I am pregnant. I don't think I'm entire the only woman this happens to, only the other day I heard from a friend, who is also expecting (13 weeks), that she can hear her upstairs neighbor vomiting and that makes her want to throw-up. But that sort of sound can make anyone even when they aren't pregnant to want to vomit themselves.

Sounds that made me ill while pregnant with baby #1:

  • my husband gagging himself while brushing his teeth
  • the cat cleaning herself
  • dishwasher water swishing
Sounds I can already add to that list for baby #2:
  • vibrating toys (we have this teething toy and every time I hear it I want to throw up)
  • my husband clearing his throat
What sounds are you sensitive to? Or am I just alone in this sound thing?

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