Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 6

Day 1 (Saturday):
I started my day with a large bowl of Rice Chex. My husband brought home Taco Bell for lunch, I ate one beef taco and a bean burrito (500 Calories total). Had an orange for snack in the afternoon along with 4 Andies Mints I found leftover from Christmas while cleaning up the house. Dinner was Orzo and spinach stuffed bell peppers, in Weight Watchers points they are 2 points per 1/2 of the pepper with a size of zucchini. Dessert was sugar free Jello Butterscotch pudding made with skim milk. After I put my son to bed I ate an open faced sugar free jam pb&j.
Day 2 (Sunday):
My husband made me pancakes for breakfast. Which I ate with sugar-free syrup. Had an orange and a pb&j for lunch. I have 3 chocolates from the last box of chocolates from Christmas. Dinner was a veggie chili with one slice cornbread. For dessert, (we were at my in-laws) over the course of the evening I ate 6 of the white chocolate peppermint Hershey's Hugs. After we got home I had an open faced pb&j. Part of the reason I eat so many pb&js is that every time I complain that my stomach is feeling woozy my husband suggests some toast to help. I can't eat just toast so I put peanut butter and jelly (always sugar-free) on it.
Day 3 (Monday):
Breakfast was a boiled egg with toast and a 8 oz glass of milk. I had a snack orange around mid-morning. Lunch I had a grilled ham and cheese. Another orange as an afternoon snack. White chicken chili for dinner with a strawberry yogurt. After dinner my son got into the tortilla chips that were to go with the soup. He kept bringing me one at a time. The salt tasted so good and felt good in my tummy. I finally took the chips and put them away. I'm not sure how many I ate before putting a stop to it. A hot cocoa for an after dinner treat. Then before going to bed I ate a pb&j to try calming my stomach.
Day 4 (Tuesday):
Had scrambled eggs for breakfast. My sweet husband made them for me since I was having problems standing more than a minute at a time. Also had a glass of milk with breakfast. Lunch was the reaming mac n cheese that I made for my son's lunch made with skim milk and 1 tsp of spray butter, had another glass of milk. I shared a cup of yogurt with my toddler in the afternoon. For dinner my husband and I went out to our favorite local Italian restaurant, Sophias Italian Risterante. It was wonderful. My logic in going is that I wanted to have food to enjoy while I could still stomach things. We had ate bad and I can't even give the calories because they are just a little local upper class place. We had mozzarella rolls for the appetizers along with their sour dough with goat cheese dip, soup of the day- potato and leeks, for main course I had their spaghetti with meat balls. Last of all we stopped by Cold Stone on our way home. I had a love it size of chocolate and cheese cake ice creams with peanut butter and brownie. Peanut butter n Chocolate at Baskin Robbins is my favorite, but it didn't quite work at Cold Stone. Although at the moment the peanut butter really hit the spot.
Day 5 (Wend):
A scrambled egg on a slice of whole wheat toast for breakfast with a glass of skim milk. An orange for a mid morning snack. Lunch was an open faced pb&j. A fiber bar for an afternoon snack. A couple glasses of orange juice in there somewhere. Dinner we ate white chicken chili. Cup of no sugar added hot chocolate for an after dinner treat. And before going to bed I had a pb&j again.
Day 6 (Thursday):
Scrambled eggs with a glass of milk and a glass of orange juice for breakfast. A bag of fruit snacks for my mid morning snack. It had to do with that we were out and about and I needed something and that was what was in the diaper bag. While out I at a Big Cheeseburger from Jack in the Box (567 calories), I split a small fries with my son. I had a chocolate Jello Sugar Free pudding snack in the afternoon. Dinner was whole wheat pasta with California veggies and a light meat sauce. A Jello Pudding rice pudding snack for an after dinner treat.
Day 7 (Friday): 
Scrambled eggs on toast with orange juice to start my day. A strawberry yogurt for midmorning snack. Lunch I had mac n cheese with my son. I ate a Cadberry Cream Egg after putting my son down for his nap. A Jello Rice pudding snack in the afternoon. Dinner I split a California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza between our son and my husband. Later that night I had a cup of hot chocolate and went to bed.

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