Sunday, January 2, 2011

Starting out

I'm on baby number 2. With baby number 1 I was overweight to start, I was luckily able to not gain too much and only gained 17 lbs total during the pregnancy (including the 7lbs 6 oz that my baby weighed). I worked very hard while after my little one's birth to lose the last bit of baby weight and to make progress in losing all that overweight gain I'd had over so many years. I had lost 40 lbs when I went on a cruise gained back 20 of it and then lost 10 gained back 10 during the holidays. So I'm not only 20 lbs down from where I was when I got pregnant the first time. 20 lbs is good, but my goal weight is still 45 lbs away. My goal with this pregnancy is to control my weight gain and have an overall healthier pregnancy than I did last time. Eat healthier, be more active, and only gain what is exactly needed. Last pregnancy I worked with a midwife, I plan on doing the same this time. I'd love to work with one of the specialized dietitions to make a specific plan for you, but we don't have the money for that. 
Here is where this blog comes in, I plan on blogging what I eat, how much I eat, and how active I was during the week. 
My due date is September 9th, and we'll see how I do.

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