Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 12

Day 1 (Saturday):
Woke up at 3 am and drank a Carnation Instant Breakfast. When I woke up for the day I had 2 scrambled eggs and another Carnation Instant Breakfast. I had a slice of Cheese Crisp and a cheese stick.  Lunch my husband grabbed Taco Bell for us. I ate a tostada, a taco, and a bean burrito. I drank another Carnation Instant Breakfast in the afternoon. Dinner was pizza and a cheese stick. I only ate a slice and 1/2 of pizza, it made me feel sick. Oh I drank about 8 oz of A&W non diet Rootbeer with that pizza. Before going to bed I drank a Shacklee Soy Protein shake.
Day 2 (Sunday):
Woke up around 5 am and drank a Carnation Instant Breakfast. That morning I had 2 fried eggs for breakfast. At church I ate a back of fruit snacks. Lunch was a slice of pizza and a cinnamon roll. I ate a Cheese stick in the afternoon. Dinner was our family's tradition Sunday dinner (since we were up at my parents home). It was roast beef, baked potatoes, and carrots. With German Chocolate cake for dessert. I ate too much. I got really sick feeling from it. Drank another Shacklee Soy Protein Shake before bed.
Day 3 (Monday):
My husband brought me a Shacklee Protein Shake to drink while I was still laying in bed. Then I ate one waffle with just a bit of syrup and spray imitation butter. At 1/2 a cheese stick for snack. Lunch was an original $6 burger from Carls JR with French Fries. While driving home I ate a banana and a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. For dinner we ate White Chicken Chili.
Day 4 (Tuesday):
Breakfast was a Weightloss Shake. I have started drinking them for the easy access protein. Both my doctor and the midwife said that more protein would help with my nausea and it does.  I ate a bowl of Grape Nuts in addition. Later that morning I had a bagel with low fat cream cheese on it. Lunch was a bean burrito. I tried a Carnation Instant Breakfast for a late afternoon tied me over but I threw it all up. Lasagna for dinner. Then a Carnation Instant Breakfast before going to bed and a bowl of one serving of No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice cream with just a little syrup and a ton of almonds.
Day 5 (Wed):
A Weightloss Shake for breakfast. Later that morning a ate 1 1/2 scrambled eggs. Then a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats. I use to be a calorie counter doing Weight Watchers, but with the advice of my doctor and midwife I've become a protein counter. Every item I eat I look to see if it has protein and how much. I ate some of the leftover lasagna as an early lunch and then finished it around lunch time. Late afternoon I had a bean burrito. Dinner was Tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich. Before bed I drank another Carnation Instant Breakfast.
Day 6 (Thursday):
Drank a Weightloss Shake at 4am. Then Eggs for breakfast, with a small bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats. Made a ham and egg sandwich for a midmorning snack. Lunch was two pb&j sandwiches with extra extra peanut butter. A handful of chocolate covered raisins. Dinner was Ginger Chicken by Lean Cuisine and a bowl of 1 serving of No Sugar Added Vanilla ice cream with a little chocolate syrup and covered in chopped almonds. Drank a Carnation Instant Breakfast before going to bed, and ate a small cheese crisp (cheese roll).
Day 7 (Friday):
Drank a Weightloss Shake around 3 am. Breakfast was a bowl of Rice Chex. I went to do an errand in town, while in town it hit me, "I need to eat NOW or bad things will happen". I desperately tried to think of what I could get in town that would be sufficient for me. I decided on a breakfast burrito from one of the small fast food Mexican places. I figured that all the eggs in the breakfast burrito would be enough for me. I ate an apple in the afternoon. For dinner we went to a Mexican restaurant near us. I had lots of chips, 3 slices of the cheese crisp, a toastada, and a cheese enchilada.  I don't know if it was the food, I ate too much, it just wasn't the right food for me, but I started to feel very nauseas and went to bed.

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