Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 9

I've been so sick this week, and therefore not healthy, just eating what I can keep down and can handle. I've also been going to be early (well early for me). I'm just so tired all the time.
Day 1 (Saturday):
Bowl of Multi Grain Cheerios. Bag of fruit snacks. On the way to Tucson we stopped at Jack N the Box. I had a Big Cheese Burger. For lunch we met my parents in Tucson. We ate at Macyos Mexican Restaurant. I ate a taco and a tostada and more chips than I want to admit. After going to the park and walking around the mall we went to the Dairy Queen in the mall. I ate a medium Chocolate Extreme Blizzard. I almost made it home but couldn't so we stopped a McDonalds. I had a Double Cheese burger and some French Fries. 
Day 2 (Sunday):
Multi Grain Cheerios. I had a lunch of an egg sandwich. A bag of fruit snacks while at church (and a few of my son's fruit snacks and crackers). Once at my in-laws I ate a cheese stick. We had multi grain biscuits with crock pot chicken and veggie soup. For dessert we had chocolate cake made with a can of diet coke.
Day 3 (Monday): 
Bowl of Multi Grain Cheerios for breakfast. Yogurt for snack. Lunch from Taco Bell, I had an original taco and a bean burrito. Dinner I made Chicken Enchiladas. I had a sugar-free Jello pudding in the evening.
Day 4 (Tuesday): 
Bowl of Multi Grain Cheerios again for breakfast. Bowl of Chicken noodle soup for lunch, along with Jello snack. Bag of fruit snacks and a banana. We ordered pizza from Papa Johns for dinner. I ate 3 slices. 
Day 5 (Wend): 
Started the day with the Multi Grain Cheerios. Lunch was a bowl of beans and cheese. Banana with peanut butter for an afternoon snack. I had leftover pizza for dinner. 
Day 6 (Thursday):
Multi Grain Cheerios again for breakfast. 2 slices of leftover pizza for lunch. Dinner we had Carls Jr., I had a Super Star, fries, and criss cut fries. Didn't finish my hamburger. I was so sick when I went to bed but every time I started feeling sick I had a handful of trail mix. It helps.
Day 7 (Friday):
Cheerios again. Lunch was a bowl of refried beans and cheese. Though out the afternoon I ate a good 2 cups worth of trail mix. Every time I feel sick I put a small handful in my mouth. Dinner we did Jack N the Box. I had a Big Cheese Burger, an egg croissant sandwich, and French Fries. Later that night I ate a tapioca sugar free Jello Pudding.
I'm not happy with this week. But our water is off (pipe at our well burst) and we can't wash dishes. Hopefully the plumber will make it out today to fix the pipes. So between the dishes and being sick (nothing sounds good) its been hard to eat healthy.
Weight gain this week 1 1/2 lbs. I have noticed a difference in fit around and in my bra so its not all just eating unhealthy. My goal is to be better this week.

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